About Civility and Truth

Civility and Truth is a blog for people who

  • live or work in Howard County, Maryland
  • are interested in in-depth, data-based, non-partisan commentary and analysis of issues relevant to Howard County and the world beyond
  • are willing to put up with periodic posts on other stuff that interests me

The name of this blog comes from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. When her heroine Elizabeth Bennett was subjected to the pompous bloviations of Mr. Collins, her former would-be suitor, in response she “tried to unite civility and truth in a few short sentences.”

My task is much easier. The people I know in Howard County are nothing like Mr. Collins, and I have space to use as many sentences as I please. However I found the notion of uniting civility and truth a congenial one, and the shout-out to the Howard County Library System’s “Choose Civility” campaign was too good to resist.

The fine print

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How it works

Civility and Truth is built using the Jekyll static site generator and Michael Rose’s Minimal Mistakes responsive Jekyll theme, designed to look good and load quickly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. It uses Toshimaru’s jekyll-tagging-related_posts plugin to list posts related to a given post based on tags they have in common.

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The Civility and Truth site contains all blog posts previously posted to the sites blog.hecker.org and frankhecker.com. URLs for posts originally posted to blog.hecker.org and frankhecker.com will automatically be redirected to this blog, so that existing links will continue to work. If you find any links that produce errors please notify me by email.

I deliberately did not implement a commenting system for Civility and Truth. (I got very few comments on my older blog and most of the ones I did get were spam.) I will post notices of new posts on Twitter and Facebook; you can make comments in either place if you wish, or just send them to me by email.

  1. Although the Civility and Truth web site hosts only public content, and does not request entry of any personally identifying information (PII), I thought it was better security practice to make the site HTTPS-only.